Sleepless Night
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Produced to launch Camposition's

Groundbreaking, yoga-influenced, hybrid performance work, combining a breathtaking new art film in association with NuFrontier Pictures, WallCast seven stories tall in full HD, featuring South FL residents. Original Music - 108 Yogis - over 100 other performers.

Octavio Campos • Artistic Director
Rick Delgado • Film Director, Cinematographer
Dale Penn • Camposition Ex. Dir., Film Producer
featuring Natasha Tsakos,
Voices United with Katie Christie • Director
special performance by Leo Casino

Saturday, November 5, 2011 / Midnight

New World Center / SoundScape Park
500 17th St., Miami Beach (Located at the S.W. corner of 17th St. and
Washington Ave.)

please don't hate meSocial change

Please Don't Hate Me is a series of transdisciplinary performances and events conceived by dance theater artist Octavio Campos and Camposition. Inspired by the hate that rips at the fabric of homes, communities and the world, each performance will point to exquisitely artistic, yet provocative, solutions - expressed by a mash up of Miami-centric dance theater productions and site-specific performance installations.

interogationThe intent of PDHM

The intent of PDHM is for its resulting artworks to promote unity in South Florida by transforming INTOLERANCE into ACCEPTANCE and to challenge EVERYBODY to find the ACTIONIST within themselves to create a catalyst for social change.

This Project is dedicated to Switchboard of Miami, whose work inspired its creation.

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calling yoga teachers


The PLEASE DON'T HATE ME campaign is looking to involve 108 Yogis for its Saturday, November 5, 2011, Midnight Sleepless Night INTENTION INTERVENTION performance. We will be moving together with intention, through asanas (postures) to address the themes of bullying, transformation and acceptance.

To be involved with our performance, volunteers must:

1Be willing to become an Actionist
2Be willing to share your practice in one of Miami Beach's newest and most beautiful spaces, The New World Symphony Soundscape Park, with an expected crowd of over 1,000 people.
3Have an advanced beginner knowledge of Yoga, basic standing poses, Sun Salutations and Warrior series.
4Watch the practice/informational session on our YOUTUBE channel. We will remind you!
5For additional info or if you have any questions, please email
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noun [’ak-sh(e-)nist] (pl.actionists)

a person who takes action to bring about social change (particularly in the face of hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or other extreme situations) to favorably impact those affected and to create a more promising future. While others stood by, the actionist intervened to protect the bullied child.

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